Access control systems

Access control systems put you in control when it comes to protecting your assets and employees alike. With top-of-the-line solutions, such as biometric access control systems and mobile access, Hawkeye Protection creates endless possibilities for you to manage how people navigate your space.

From online-based to on-premise access control system solutions, Hawkeye experts will design, install, and manage systems that will serve your business well.

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Advanced Protection

Today’s modern access control systems make it possible to fully regulate movement through your facility, whether you’re managing a small office or a large industrial complex. From single-door control to a solution that’s scaled for hundreds of entry/exit points, Hawkeye Protection can do it all.

When it’s one of your employees that puts your business at risk, even the best access control system can’t keep them out. With an advanced solution, you have all the details you need to track and eliminate risks.

We have solutions for offices, warehouses, schools, senior living facilities and so much more. We give you the power to control traffic in and out of spaces that matter to you.

Customized options to suit specific needs

Your security systems are most effective (and easiest to manage) when they work together. That’s why we offer access control systems that fully integrate with intrusion and surveillance systems. We provide smart solutions and functionality at competitive price lines.

Hawkeye Protection solutions are networked, browser- and app-controllable, and fall in line with common industry standards. We create protective barriers for your business.

Our experts are well versed with an array of systems and they handle every project from design to installation. Maintanace of installed system is something we take very seriously and our support is prompt.

System features

  • Both on-premise and Cloud-based solutions.
  • A variety of credentials, including smartphones, biometrics, cards, badges, key fobs, and stick-on disks.
  • The option to use a keypad or a combination of keypad and card.
  • The option to use biometrics, such as fingerprints.
  • A software API to allow interfacing with existing applications, such as HR systems.
  • Scalable systems for a single door, small office, full building, campus, or worldwide enterprise.
  • Simple integration into surveillance systems. Your existing security platform, including surveillance and intrusion systems.
  • Optional Active Directory integration.

Health and Thermal systems

In these times, its a fundamental requirement to create safe working spaces. Hawkeye provides thermal driven solutions to help screen possible threats before they spiral out of control. Our solutions include

  • Self-screening tools.
  • Health questionnaires at entry points.
  • Restricted access for personnel that fail screening.
  • Proactive measures for contact reporting, including reports detailing potential exposure incidents.